Friday, August 28, 2015

Ballerinas in Paris

Welcome To Angela & Kenna's Wedding weekend! It is all about #BarbieAndKenna! In the meantime enjoy Angela's all white bridal shower pictures from a couple of months ago. 
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Favors for the guests...


Guest selfies...


Pose for the camera..Flick! Flick! Flick! while waiting for the Bride-To-Be

 comes the bride!

Queen B! #Barbie

She was surprised with the backdrop...

It's a winner! She loved it!

Kenna sure put a ring on it!

Another take! Show us the bling...

Which team made the best tissue dress? Look & judge...

Woohoo...the winning team!

The 'Shoki" fever!

Angela & her bridal party!

Angela has a supportive bridal party!

And it's a wrap!

If you enjoyed seeing this  lovely +FTK~KONNECT bride and her bridal shower pics. Please post your comments below! We are live in New York and can't wait to connect the dots of #AngieWedsKen2015! We will keep you posted on our social media pages with pictures as the couple wants all wedding guests and our team to live tweet/instagram/facebook their pictures! We are soooo ready!

Official hashtags are: #BarbieAndKenna & #AngieWedsKen2015

TGIF! Have a great weekend!
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