Wednesday, April 11, 2012


"Super-gigantic" excited is how we feel about the 2nd annual fashion show for 4J Couture fashion show. It was a huge success last year planning the event and we are even more ecstatic to be planning it again for the 2nd year in a row.

You can watch highlights of last year's event here: 2011 4J Couture Fashion Show Video
Pictures of last year's event can be viewed here as well: 2011 4J Couture Fashion Show Pics

The crew @ FTK~KONNECT have been working hard for the 2012 fashion show and we cannot wait to simply WOW you this year. We are roughly a week and a half away and all plans thus far are set and ready for execution. The 4J exquisite men and women's clothing apparels, models, team, guest, band, comedians etc. are all ready!

Enjoy the pics from February 2012 that the President Event Planner of FTK~KONNECT Events took while at the new store in Laurel MD: New 4J Couture Store

To view Show Ad and event evite: 4J Couture Fashion Show Evite
To purchase tickets to the event - click on the link: 4J Couture Fashion Show Tickets

Charlotte North Carolina - ARE YOU READY?!

We are!!! :)