Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Zainab Weds Bayo

Last year on October 24th, 2015, FTK~Konnect had the pleasure of planning a wedding for a beautiful couple, Zainab & Bayo.

 The colors for the wedding were silver/gray, navy blue, and gold. The decor was simple and elegant and all of the colors blended beautifully, from the wardrobe, to the table settings; even the cake matched!

The couple wore traditional American attire and also wore outfits native to their home countries.

The bride and groom are of course the center of attention on this day, but we have to mention the amazing bridal party and groomsmen as well!

Below are a few of the fun, wild, and joyous moments we loved seeing at the wedding!

Overall, the wedding was a big success and we wish Zainab and Bayo many more happy moments and years together!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Check Out Our New Website!

This past Monday, FTK~Konnect relaunched our website. We have all new pictures, details, reviews and more for you!
Feyikemi Kukoyi, Founder of  FTK~Konnect
If you haven't seen the relaunched site yet, you are definitely missing out! What's so special about our new site?

Below are few highlights:

Here you can learn about our team at FTK~Konnect. We are a small but powerful, ambitious, and motivated team. Read about us and how we all help make FTK~Konnect Events possible.

Want to know about the services we offer, look here to find out more. Some of the events we plan are birthdays, destination events, corporate events, baby and bridal showers, and of course weddings! 

Sample of decor by GOE for a winter wonderland wedding planned & coordinated by us!

Want to see some gorgeous events we helped plan? Have
 a look for yourself here to see pictures from our previous weddings and events. 

Did you know that FTK~Konnect has a vlog series on Youtube? Our vlog series is called Weddings, Events, & Beyond by FTK, better known as WEB by FTK! Here you can watch episodes from season one and prepare yourself for season 2 which is coming in the near future!

To find out more about what media sites FTK~Konnect was featured on, what our clients say about our work, and how we help you plan an amazing event, visit our homepage here!

Our bride and a bevy of beautiful ladies celebrating at her bridal shower!

If our new site gets you excited about FTK~Konnect Events and what we do, we would love to work with you! If you are planning a big event and would love a professional and creative touch, contact us today by email or give us a call!


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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

6 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Wedding Planner

Reason #1. You need help making your perfect wedding day vision a reality

You may have hundreds of ideas in your head or you may not have a clue about
what you want to do, and that's okay. A wedding planner helps you narrow down your ideas to a few major ones. Once everything is narrowed down, wedding planners can help you decide on the stlye, mood, and overall look of your big day. They are able to visualize your dream and bring it to life!

Reason #2. You deserve a stressfree and enjoyable wedding planning experience

If you are thinking about planning your wedding, you probably recently got engaged and during this period you should be truly happy and enjoying time with you significant other. You shouldn't have to lose sleep, not be able to focus at work, etc because you are stressing over your future wedding. It is our job as wedding planners to take the time and skills we have to deal with all of wedding details while you focus on your engagement and taking care of yourself!

Reason #3. If you aren't the best at budgeting

Everyone knows how they are when it comes to saving, spending, and budgeting money. If you believe that you will spend all of your money on items you probably won't really need or use in your wedding, wedding planners can help you stay financial savvy. Let us, as your wedding planner, be your financial advisor. We can create a balanced budget that helps you focus on your personal wedding priorities.

Reason #4. Wedding planners have a vast amount of wedding knowledge and expertise

Most wedding planners, FTK~Konnect Events included, have planned hundreds of weddings and events over the years. Wedding planners know what to expect when it comes to wedding day etiquette and we know how to make a wedding a successful. Any questions you have and aren't able to answer, your wedding planner can take care of it for you.

Reason #5. Wedding planners are pretty much venue coordinators, photographers, florists, and interior decorators all in one

By this I mean that we have the connections you need with other vendors, in order to make your wedding spectacular. We can do the flowers and decorate the venue for you or we know somebody who can do the job! You won't have to worry about finding separate companies and individuals for each aspect of your wedding. Hire a wedding planner and he/she can figure out the vendor details for you.

Reason #6. If you are planning a destination wedding

Planning a wedding in itself is tough, but planning a wedding in another state or another country can be even more difficult. Find a wedding planner who has done at least one or two destination weddings because they will know how to go about planning your wedding in the easiest and best way possible. For example, FTK~Konnect has experience planning weddings in Nigeria, South Africa, Canada, Dubai amongst other countries so we know all about travel expenses, the wedding culture in other countries, and how to properly plan a wedding when the venue is miles away!

Hope this list helped you figure out whether you want a wedding planner or not and reasons why you should definitely hire one. FTK~Konnect Events is always looking for new and exciting wedding and events to plan. We would love to help you plan yours! Connect with us on social media so you can review our portfolio! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest